Positive Change ABA, LLC

Nutritoin, Fitness, and ABA Therapy

Ashley Bango, M.S., BCBA-LBA



I have been married for 14 years to my wonderful husband, Andrew, and have three beautiful daughters: Lyla, Violet, and Rose.

Nutrition and Fitness

I have struggled with overeating and weight since childhood.  It has been a long journey that has taught me so much.  I am excited to expand my buisness to help people:  using my extensive behavioral knowledge on how to establish new behaviors that last.  Taking science-based approaches to behavior + nutrition + fitness, and supporting others in finding an individualized approach that they can establish and sustain for a lifetime.

Autism Therapy

16+ years experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.  In 2003, helping families and ABA became my passion. In 2008, I obtained my master's degree at Florida State University. I have extensive experience in early intervention, maladaptive behavior, and teaching socially significant behavior.  Settings I have practiced:  in-home, school, and adult services.

As a board certified behavior analyst, I am dedicated to serving people and families in need. We work together to achieve positive change today, tomorrow, and beyond.